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1637 Unite 1637 Unite Unite 1637 Scotland Charles I Gold Unit or Sceptre piece. Third Coinage Briot issue 1637-1642. S5531. mm Thistle and B on Obv. Machine made using a mill and screw press resulting...
Ref: S5531 A
EF or better Available £13,775


1422 Noble 1422 Noble Noble 1422 Henry VI Gold Noble London Fist Reign annulet issue 1422-30 mule with obverse of a Henry V class G legend reads HENRIC DI GRA REX ANGL Z FRANC DNS HYB. King standing faci...
Ref: S1800
EF Sold £12,500
1464 Noble 1464 Noble Noble 1464 Edward IV Ryal or rose noble, light coinage, 1464-70, London, m.m. large sun mint mark with long, sharp and wavy rays king, crowned, standing facing in ship holding sword...
Ref: S1950 C
GVF Available £7,750


1505 Angel 1505 Angel Angel 1505 Henry VII Gold Angel N1618 S2187 mm Pheon struck 1505-9 Choice EF. Angel 6s 8d with both feet on the dragon. A splendid neat round coin well struck and Choice Ext...
Ref: S2187
Choice EF Available £6,375

Silver Pound

1642 Silver Pound 1642 Silver Pound Silver Pound 1642 Charles I Silver Shrewsbury 1642 Pound mm 5 pellets on obv only - "The first silver Civil War currency pound" N2361 S2917 GVF. King on horseback ,with Shrewsbury plume be...
Ref: S2917
About GVF Available £28,775

Silver Halfpound

1642 Silver Halfpound 1642 Silver Halfpound Silver Halfpound 1642 Charles I Silver Oxford Half Pound 1642 JGB 867 N2404 S2945 EF. Obv. King seated on horseback left with cannons and arms below Oxford plume behind. Rev. Declaration i...
Ref: S2945 B
EF Available £10,500
1643 Silver Halfpound 1643 Silver Halfpound Silver Halfpound 1643 Charles I Oxford mint half pound 1643 mm plume / four pellets. Shrewsbury horseman riding over arms, Oxford plume behind. Rev. declaration RELIG :PROT : LEG : ANG : LIBE...
Ref: S2945A
About EF Sold £6,750


1487 Groat 1487 Groat Groat 1487 Henry VII Silver Groat, Class 1 mm  - rose on obv only struck 1487-88 Saltires by neck. Rev trefoil before TAS S2194 N1703. Toned with eye appeal Very Fine and very rare....
Ref: S2194
VF+ Available £585
1513 Groat 1513 Groat Groat 1513 Henry VIII Silver Tournai Groat, mm crowned T both sides 1513 S2317 About VF. Obv. profile bust of Henry VII, HENRIC DI GRA REX FRANC Z AGLIE with saltire stops. Re...
Ref: S2317
About VF Available £3,675
1526 Groat 1526 Groat Groat 1526 Henry VIII. 1509-1547. Silver Groat Second coinage. Laker Bust D Tower (London) mint, mm lis both sides. Struck 1526-1544.Crowned and draped bust right with crown breakin...
Ref: S2337E 2
EF Sold £500
1644 Groat 1644 Groat Groat 1644 Charles I Silver Oxford Groat, Obv. mm floriated cross, Oxford bust of King left, plume to the left and value behind. Rev.declaration in three lines, three Oxford plumes ...
Ref: S2985
GVF Available £1,175

Half Groat

1631 Half Groat 1631 Half Groat Half Groat 1631 Charles 1 Half Groat First Milled issue by Nicholas Briot Tower mint mm lozenge. Crowned armoured bust left II denomination behind B below. Rev. Royal coat of arms ov...
Ref: S2856
Superb EF Available £775


1739 Crown 1739 Crown Crown 1739 George II Silver Crown 1739 Edge DVODECIMO. ESC 1665 S3687. Obv. young laureate draped bust left. Rev, crowned shields, roses and plumes in angles. A coin with an a...
Ref: S3687 A
About GEF Available £4,275
1746 Crown 1746 Crown Crown 1746 George II Lima Crown 1746 Edge D, NONO  S3689. ESC 125 New ESC 1668.Old Laureate bust 1, Rev. crowned cruciform shields. Most attractively toned over underlying lus...
Ref: S3869 A
About as Struck Available £4,475
1845 Crown 1845 Crown Crown 1845 Victoria Silver Young Head Crown 1845 Edge VIII cinquefoil stops ESC2564 S3882 EF. Lightly toned having a few light surface marks on the obv. Was formerly slabbed by ...
Ref: S3882
EF Available £1,250
1927 Crown 1927 Crown Crown 1927 George V Proof Silver Crown 1927 S4036 Choice UNC PR64 15,030 struck. Obv. Portrait of the King left by B Mackennal. Rev. Large Crown within wreath by K Gay. An exc...
Ref: S4036 C
Choice UNC PR64 Available £575
1935 Crown 1935 Crown Crown 1935 George V Silver Proof Crown 1935 edge raised ESC 3655 S4050 The Rocking Horse Crown. A gem of a coin superbly toned and mint state. Currently slabbed by NGC PR65 and r...
Ref: S4050
Mint State PR 65 Available £1,675
1937 Crown 1937 Crown Crown 1937 George VI Silver Proof Crown 1937 Coronation Commemorative Proof Crown S4079 FDC/PR65 Cam. Obv. portrait of the King left by H Paget. Rev. Royal coat of arms with su...
Ref: S4079
FDC / PR65 CAM Available £475
1937 Crown 1937 Crown Crown 1937 George VI Silver VIP Frosted Proof Crown 1937 Coronation Commemorative Proof Crown S4079 FDC PR67 Cam. Old ESC4022 New ESC 393A. Rated R5 by ESC so Extremely Rare,only ...
Ref: S4079 A
FDC PF67 CAM Available £1,625
1953 Crown 1953 Crown Crown 1953 Elizabeth II Frosted VIP Proof Cupro Nickel Crown 1953 S4136 FDC PR67 CAM. A Raised Design Satin frosted proof with mirror fields and more sharper detail giving eye ap...
Ref: S4136
FDC PF67 CAM Available £2,250

B.O.E. Dollar

1804 B.O.E. Dollar 1804 B.O.E. Dollar B.O.E. Dollar 1804 George III Silver Bank of England Dollar 1804 S3768 GEF Old ESC 164 New ESC 1951. Obv. First bust right, first leaf to centre of E in DEI. No stop after REX. Rev. Bri...
Ref: S3768 a
GEF or better Available £975

Half Crown

1551 Half Crown 1551 Half Crown Half Crown 1551 Edward VI Third Period Silver Halfcrown 1551 S2479 N1934. mm y both sides, wire inner circle within beaded circle both sides. King in armour on horseback right, rev, plan...
Ref: S2479 a
About VF Available £1,975
1632 Half Crown 1632 Half Crown Half Crown 1632 Charles I silver Halfcrown mm harp struck 1632-3. Tower Mint type 2c. Rev. with oval draped shield with CR at sides. S2771 N2207. An attractively toned neat round coi...
Ref: S2771 A
GVF or better Available £735
1644 Half Crown 1644 Half Crown Half Crown 1644 Charles I Bristol mint Halfcrown. Obv. mm plume, , small Bristol plume behind horseman. Rev. mm Br, declaration in two lines, three Bristol plumes above, date below. S30...
Ref: S3007 A
About EF Available £3,725
1644 Half Crown 1644 Half Crown Half Crown 1644 Charles I, Chester mint, Halfcrown, 14.49g., king in armour holding sword upright, on horse with straight tail walking left, no marks in field, rev. crowned oval shield w...
Ref: S3131 1
GVF Available £7,750
1645 Half Crown 1645 Half Crown Half Crown 1645 Charles I, Newark besieged, Halfcrown, 1645, large double-arched crown dividing c r, value below, rev., obs: newark 1645 in three lines (Hird 245 (same dies) N.2638 S.31...
Ref: S3140
NEF Sold £4,375
1646 Half Crown 1646 Half Crown Half Crown 1646 Charles I, Newark besieged, Halfcrown, 1646, large double-arched crown dividing c r, value below, rev., obs: newark 1646 in three lines N.2638 S.3140A. Attractively to...
Ref: S3140A A
GVF Available £4,175
1653 Half Crown 1653 Half Crown Half Crown 1653 Commonwealth Silver Halfcrown 1653 mm sun with 2nd N over inverted N in England. Obv. shield of England within palm and laurel wreath. Rev. Conjoined shields of Engla...
Ref: S3215 A
GVF Available £2,250
1660 Half Crown 1660 Half Crown Half Crown 1660 Commonwealth Silver Halfcrown 1660 mm anchor R4 S3216 About EF. English shield within laurel and palm branches, mm. anchor, rev. shields of England and Ireland, with v...
Ref: S3216
About EF Available £5,750
1676 Half Crown 1676 Half Crown Half Crown 1676 Charles II Halfcrown 1676 Fourth draped bust V. OCTAVO ESC 478 S3367. Some light contact marks however with very attractive golden toning and great eye appeal. Nea...
Ref: S3367
NEF Available £2,750
1689 Half Crown 1689 Half Crown Half Crown 1689 William & Mary Half crown First busts conjoined right PRIMO, rev. second crowned shield, caul frosted, pearls.S3435 Old ESC 510 New ESC 839. A most attractively toned ...
Ref: S3435
EF Available £2,250
1713 Half Crown 1713 Half Crown Half Crown 1713 Anne Half Crown 1713 Roses and Plumes, Edge DVODECIMO ESC 584 S3607. Struck slightly off centre but with an attractive even light grey toning and clean lustrous fields...
Ref: S3607
EF Available £1,675
1739 Half Crown 1739 Half Crown Half Crown 1739 George II Silver HalfCrown 1739 Young Head DVODECIMO S3693 EF. Old ESC 600 New ESC 1679. Lightly toned a pleasing Extremely Fine.
Ref: S3693
EF Available £1,975
1817 Half Crown 1817 Half Crown Half Crown 1817 George III Silver Half Crown 1817 S3789 ESC 2096 Old ESC 618 New Coinage small head. MS64 Choice UNC and attractively toned. Note Current highest slabbed grade is b...
Ref: S3789
Choice UNC MS64 Available £875
1820 Half Crown 1820 Half Crown Half Crown 1820 George IV Silver Half Crown 1820 S3807 ESC 2357. Mint State and attractively toned.
Ref: S3807
About as Struck Sold £825


1561 Shilling 1561 Shilling Shilling 1561 Elizabeth I Milled Silver Shilling mm star 1561-71 small size 29mm  S2592 N2023. A coin with most attractive toning over extensive lustre on both sides, the obv having...
Ref: S2592 C
NEF Sold £3,675
1663 Shilling 1663 Shilling Shilling 1663 Charles II Silver Shilling 1663 First Bust variety S3372  Old ESC 1025 New ESC 506. Most attractive having olive grey toning over underlying iridescent lustre on both ...
Ref: S3372
EF+ Available £1,875
1700 Shilling 1700 Shilling Shilling 1700 WILLIAM III SILVER SHILLING 1700 Small o's in date S3516 ESC 1121A. UNC / CGS 80 . Fifth draped bust with high hair right. Note Current CGS total population as of Mar...
Ref: S3516A
UNC Available £975
1763 Shilling 1763 Shilling Shilling 1763 George III Silver Shilling 1763 Northumberland S3742 A UNC Lightly toned with proof like fields and lustrous with mint bloom. About UNC. Rare. The Earl of Northumbe...
Ref: S3742
AUNC Available £2,275


1568 Sixpence 1568 Sixpence Sixpence 1568 Elizabeth 1 Silver Sixpence mm Coronet, Fourth Issue, Bust 4B with ear showing. A neat round coin with an exceptional strike on a large flan, toned with lustre. Extrem...
Ref: S2562 A
EF Available £1,475
1603 Sixpence 1603 Sixpence Sixpence 1603 James I Silver Sixpence 1603, mm thistle both sides, first bust. With square cut beard wearing decorative armour mark of value VI behind. Rev date above plain square shie...
Ref: S2647 A
NEF Available £1,275
1649 Sixpence 1649 Sixpence Sixpence 1649 Commonwealth Silver Sixpence 1649 S3219 N2726 Old ESC 1483 New ESC 177.Tower mint London mm Sun. Obv. Coat of Arms of England with Palm and Laurel wreath. Rev. Coat of...
Ref: S3219 A
EF Sold £2,000

Royalist Medal

1630 Royalist Medal 1630 Royalist Medal Royalist Medal 1630 Charles I Dominion of the Sea Silver Medal. Obv. Bust right armoured and wearing a large Ruff. CAROLVS. I. D.G. MAG. BRITANNIAE. FRAN. ET. HIB. REX. NBRIOT Rev. A shi...
Ref: E118a
EF Sold £6,500
1648 Royalist Medal 1648 Royalist Medal Royalist Medal 1648 Charles I Silver Medal cast by T Rawlins. Dated 30th January 1648. Kings bust left wearing ruff. Rev. Salamander left, within flames. MI 341/188 Eimer 157. Handsome...
Ref: E 157
EF Sold £1,500


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